2020 new Baptism collection from Teter Warm

Over the years Baptism dresses have slowly become more and more trendy. It’s a special day for the children as this marks one of their first journeys to becoming closer to God, and it makes it equally as special for parents. Baptism dress trends have shifted occasionally over the years, but still maintained the same beautiful and innocent image; usually having elements of white or pink with delicate textures like lace and feathers. 

The feeling of mist in the air and baby birds chirping away in the distance, while taking in a breath of still slightly crisp air from the passing winter. Aromas of baby daffodil buds emerging from the earth, and a sea of dandelions litter the meadow as sunlight drenched the farthest corners.  That is the feeling of spring, which is the inspiration for Teter Warm’s newest 2020 spring collection. Teter Warm has a new collection specifically made for Baptism, which consists of an all flower petal theme design. 


Delicate Camellia

This dress features a slightly cream white colour satin, layered with a delicate floral lace pattern. Each layer is stitched to create depth in the pattern, giving it a soft and beautiful aura, like Camellias. 

Graceful Lily

 The dress features intricate hand sewn floral elements placed strategically around the dress to create texture. The bottom half is see-through tulle that has the same flowers embroidered throughout, with a beautiful satin bow at the back to tie it all together. 

Charming Tulip


This classic number features floral lace all throughout the dress, giving off a sophisticated and delicate feeling. This dress is available in both a short modern design or a long gown. The shorter design is more in trend with this year’s baptism dresses, while the long gown remains a timeless classic.

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