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What’s the trend of the communion dress in nowadays?

Communion is a time that’s spiritual and meaningful for children as they commit themselves to their faith and love for God. All girls love getting dressed up and look pretty, no matter what age. Every girl wants to become a pretty little princess, and communion is the perfect excuse to do just that. A dress makes a communion so much more special and meaningful not just to the girl, but to the parents as well. A Holy Communion is an important and memorable religious milestone for a young girl, and it can be tough to find the perfect dress.

It can be hard to keep up with all the latest communion trends, while staying modest and appropriate for the occasion, without compromising style. There are various styles of communion dresses, ranging from embroidery, lace, tulle and feathers. Kids love the different textures that create elegance and uniqueness to their dresses, making them look unique from other children at communion with them.

The communion dresses have a wide range of styles, and each with a unique factor to them. Dresses that are straight or ruffled in tiers to create dimension, or the elegance of lace that is added to create ambience in the outfit. Particularly, statement sleeves have been a trend as of late, featuring some feathers as sleeves, or lace shoulder detailing to slim down the overall frame of the dress. Dress can be A-line or tier out and gradually get puffier, creating a bird cage effect. Embroidering is used to create depth and also have a gradient see through effect in the communion dresses. The materials used in combination with the off white cream colour make communion more memorable and meaningful.
Teter Warm’s designs combine elegance with a unique and modern approach that creatively expresses fun, yet still holds a respectable look. Unique colouring technology allows the dresses to shimmer beautifully among light, leading to the change of colour in one’s eyes. A classic rose pink dress while hung up will look a smooth pure white under the light. With over a decade of design experience in children’s dresses, Yan approaches her craft with a modern touch, while retaining the same traditions and passion that fuelled her from the start.

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